How to Pay

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  • If you already have a tag (e.g. from CityLink or a tollway in NSW/QLD), it will work on EastLink.


  • If you don't have a tag, open a Breeze pre-paid tag account. Tags are the cheapest and easiest way to use EastLink. They work on all tollways in Australia. Trips on EastLink in the last three days will also be charged to your new account.



  • If you are visiting Melbourne and need access to EastLink and CityLink for the next 30 days (or less), open a Melbourne Pass. Trips on EastLink and CityLink in the last two days will also be charged to your Melbourne Pass.


  • If you only want to pay for a few trips on EastLink, buy an EastLink trip pass for each trip. An EastLink trip pass can be purchased before or up to three days after your trip on EastLink.


  • If you have a HertzAvis, BudgetEuropcar or Thrifty rental vehicle, a toll payment program is offered by these rental companies. Find out more by clicking on the company you rented your vehicle from:



  • If you have received an EastLink Toll Invoice or Overdue Notice, read more information and pay it by the due date. Failure to pay a Toll invoice or Overdue Notice may result in a fine ($148 for each day of unregistered travel).