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EastLink is the 39km motorway in Melbourne’s east, connecting the Eastern, Monash, Frankston and Peninsula Link freeways.

EastLink Guide (valid 1 Jul 2014 until 30 Jun 2015) (538.0 Kb)

In the future, EastLink will connect with the Tullamarine Fwy to Melbourne Airport and the west via the upgraded Eastern Fwy and the new East West Link (construction expected to commence in 2014).

EastLink is the safest motorway in Melbourne. It’s quick, bypassing more than 45 traffic lights, and well sign-posted with 17 interchanges.

There are two BP service centres on EastLink, with  large shops, cafés, KFC and McDonald’s restaurants. The recently opened Oliver's Real Food is at the BP service centre on EastLink southbound.


Businesses can advertise on EastLink using the outdoor advertising signs.

The 35km EastLink Trail is a pathway for cyclists, runners and pedestrians.

Four major artworks are on the roadside. Eight smaller artworks are along the EastLink Trail.

We maintain the EastLink landscape to a high standard. 70 wetlands treat road run-off water.


EastLink: Melbourne's Motorway Masterpiece

This 68-page magazine commemorated the opening of EastLink and featured a project overview with highlights of EastLink's unique urban design, construction and operations. The publication's stunning photography was supplied courtesy of Heaven Pictures.

EastLink: Melbourne's Motorway Masterpiece (5.0 Mb)