EastLink is the largest tollway in Victoria, and the safest freeway in Melbourne. EastLink is Australia's second busiest tollway, with the lowest toll prices.

"EastLink, incidentally, is Melbourne’s fastest and most delay-free road, the 39-kilometre tollway having an average travel speed of 93.5 km/h." - The Age (5 January 2017)

According to GRESB, EastLink leads the world in transport infrastructure sustainability.

Contractor Instructions
safety induction, work authority permits (WAPs)


Semi-autonomous cars to be trialled

20/12/2016 Cars with driver-assistance technology to be tested on EastLink as part of an 18-month trial. more info

Global leader in sustainability

14/11/2016 EastLink assessed by GRESB to be a global leader in infrastructure sustainability. more info