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From time to time we will need to close parts of EastLink for routine maintenance. When we do, we will provide updates here to assist you.

"Inbound" means heading towards the City. "Outbound" means heading towards Frankston.

The Mullum Mullum tunnel is the outbound EastLink tunnel from the Eastern Fwy / Springvale Rd to Ringwood Bypass / Maroondah Hwy.

The Melba tunnel is the inbound EastLink tunnel from Ringwood Bypass / Maroondah Hwy to the Eastern Fwy / Springvale Road.

Monash Fwy - EastLink ramps to close for routine maintenance

Thursday 21 August 2014 (9pm-4am)

The ramps from Monash Fwy eastbound/outbound to EastLink will be closed for maintenance overnight.

An alternative route from Monash Fwy to EastLink is via Wellington Rd.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

EastLink tunnel closures for routine maintenance

Saturday 8 November 2014 (8pm-7am)

There are occasional closures of the EastLink tunnels (Melba and Mullum Mullum) for routine maintenance. These closures are required to maintain EastLink's high safety standards.

Each overnight tunnel closure will commence at 8pm with the re-opening completed by 7am the following morning.

During these tunnel closures:

  • EastLink (inluding the Mullum Mulum and Melba tunnels) will be closed in both directions between Springvale Rd and Canterbury Rd.
  • Ringwood Bypass will also be closed in both directions between Ringwood St and EastLink / Maroondah Hwy. 


The rest of EastLink will be unaffected by these closures.

Alternative routes

  • Outbound traffic from the Eastern Fwy heading to EastLink outbound
    • exit at Springvale Rd
    • take Springvale Rd southbound to Canterbury Rd
    • take Canterbury Rd eastbound to return to EastLink outbound
  • Outbound traffic from the Eastern Fwy heading to Ringwood Bypass outbound
    • exit at Springvale Rd
    • take Springvale Rd southbound to Maroondah Hwy
    • take Maroondah Hwy eastbound to Ringwood St
    • take Ringwood St northbound to return to Ringwood Bypass outbound
  • Inbound Traffic from EastLink heading to the Eastern Fwy inbound
    • exit at Canterbury Rd
    • take Canterbury Rd westbound to Springvale Rd
    • take Springvale Rd northbound to return to the Eastern Fwy inbound
  • Overdimensional loads
    • use OD1 routes (Springvale Rd and Burwood Hwy between EastLink and the Eastern Fwy).


VicRoads enquiries and concerns

If you have any enquiries or wish to raise concerns about changes to Melbourne's road network you can ask VicRoads online.