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EastLink the vital link

In addition to being an essential route for large numbers of motorists, EastLink is also a vital link in the supply chains of retailers and manufacturers across Melbourne.

Each workday, EastLink typically carries:

  • 20,000 trips by heavy commercial vehicles, plus
  • 23,000 trips by light commercial vehicles.

These commercial vehicles include:

  • Semi-trailers delivering food and products to shops and supermarkets
  • Tankers delivering fuel to service stations
  • Postal and courier vehicles delivering urgent items and online shopping
  • Heavy freight vehicles delivering materials to construction sites
  • Tipper trucks moving earth and rocks to and from work sites
  • Container transporters delivering imports and collecting exports
  • Overdimensional vehicles delivering large construction vehicles and mobile offices
  • Cranes travelling between construction sites
  • Waste and recycling vehicles taking waste to recycling centres.

Images of EastLink taken from a Mercedes truck cab:


Taking an onramp to EastLink                                  Driving through an EastLink tunnel



Looking out for other traffic                                        Under an EastLink footbridge



Under the Monash Fwy bridges                                 Taking an offramp from EastLink