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CPI price change from 1 July


EastLink will continue to offer the lowest tolls in Australia

EastLink tolls are changing on 1 July in line with inflation (+1.7%). For cars, 10 of EastLink’s 13 toll sections will be priced at either 41 cents (up from 40 cents) or 61 cents (up from 59 cents). For a single section car trip or on weekends and public holidays a 20% discount applies, and these new prices drop to 33 cents and 48 cents respectively. EastLink's toll cap for cars will change from $5.94 to $6.04. On weekends and public holidays, when the 20% discount applies, the toll cap will be $4.83.

A full length car trip on EastLink will cost 15 cents per kilometre (or 12 cents per kilometre for times when the 20% discount applies). This is less than half the equivalent rate for CityLink (39 cents per kilometre).

Some of the fees and amounts that apply to Breeze accounts will also change on 1 July in line with inflation. For example, The new Minimum Balance Amount for pre-paid accounts will be $13.63 - account top ups become due when your account balance drops below this level. However the minimum Top Up Amount will once again remain unchanged at $30.

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