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Safety Sense Wins Safety Award


EastLink congratulates Safety Sense on winning the Australian Road Safety Award (Schools Program Category).

The Safety Sense program, sponsored by EastLink and delivered to schools to 16 and 17 year old students in the EastLink corridor, uses a driving simulator to help raise awareness of the consequences of irresponsible driving habits.

The Australian Road Safety Awards are run by the Australian Road Safety Foundation to recognise outstanding achievement and innovation in the area of road safety.

The image shows EastLink Managing Director Charles Griplas (left) congratulating Safety Sense owner and operator David Dressing (right) following the Awards presentation.

More about Safety Sense

The Safety Sense program and driving simulator were developed by Safety Sense owner and operator David Dressing to help young people understand they are NOT "bullet proof".  

After discussions with Police and many road safety experts, David determined that developing a driving simulator would clearly demonstrate to 16 and 17 year olds the consequences of irresponsible driving habits BEFORE they sit in the driver's seat. Furthermore, a driving simulator would provide a method of  "speaking" to them in the technological environment in which the majority of our young people spend their time.

By utilising simulated learning and an innovative driving simulator, the Safety Sense program reveals in a practical  manner, how easy it is to have that serious crash as a result of "driver error". Experience has shown there can be a significant "change in attitude" by the student after undertaking the program.

more about Safety Sense