Trip Nomination Form

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The form on this page can only be used if you have received a toll invoice for a trip by your vehicle on EastLink and you wish to nominate another driver.

Instructions for completing the form:

  1. 1. download the form
  2. 2. enter the data directly into the form using your computer
  3. 3. print the form once you have completed the form
  4.     - it can only be printed once the essential parts have been completed
  5. 4. sign the printed form
  6. 5. send the completed form to us - see the top of form for details

EastLink Trip Nomination Form - type data into fields then print and send (110.8 Kb)

Apple Mac users: if you enter data into this form using Apple Preview and want to email it to us you must first save it as a PDF using File > Save as PDF, and then email the saved file. If you don't do this we can't read the fields properly.

If you are having difficulty using this form please click here.

Helpful hint: should the driver of your vehicle be a trusted friend or family member, avoid the hassle of completing, printing out and posting this form by giving your toll invoice directly to the driver to pay.