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EastLink trip passes for a few trips a year 

If you only want to use EastLink a few times a year and you don't want to open an account, then the EastLink trip pass may be the best option for you. Each EastLink trip pass pays for a single trip, in one direction on EastLink in your nominated vehicle.

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The price of each EastLink trip pass is fixed, and does not vary with the length of your journey on EastLink. You can travel the full length of EastLink in one direction for the cost of one trip pass. You can exit and re-enter EastLink in the same trip, provided you keep going in the same direction, don't repeat any section, and complete your trip within 60 minutes.

You can buy an EastLink trip pass before, or up to three days after you travel on EastLink.

You can buy more than one EastLink trip pass at a time. When you buy a trip pass you don't need to tell us when you're going to use it. We'll store each trip pass until you make the trip on EastLink.

Each EastLink trip pass that is unused will expire after six months, so instead of buying too many, we recommend you consider establishing a Breeze tag account (works on all tollways in Australia) or Breeze non-tag account (works on EastLink and CityLink in Melbourne).

EastLink trip passes are not refundable and not transferable between vehicles.

Please note that EastLink trip passes don't work on CityLink, and CityLink passes don't work on EastLink.

Cost of each EastLink trip pass

The price of an EastLink trip pass does not vary with the length of your trip on EastLink. You are able to travel the full length of EastLink, in one direction, for the cost of one trip pass.

Different trip pass prices apply to each vehicle class:

  • Cars $6.04
  • Motorcycles $3.03
  • Light commercial vehicles $9.67
  • Heavy commercial vehicles $16.01
  • Taxis $6.04


There is an additional trip pass purchase fee ($2.87) when you buy one or more trip passes at an over the counter location including at the EastLink customer centre, 7-Eleven, United Petroleum or participating newsagent. This fee is in addition to the price of the EastLink trip passes. You can avoid this fee by buying trip passes online.

Further information

Welcome to EastLink brochure (825.4 Kb)

EastLink Trip Pass Customer Service Agreement (166.9 Kb)

Compatible Toll Road

The Compatible Toll Road for the EastLink trip pass is:

  • EastLink only