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About tags

  • EastLink tolls are cheapest when using a tag.
  • If you already have a tag it will work on EastLink.
  • Our stylish Breeze tags work on EastLink and all other tollways in Australia.
  • If you are using a tag, always ensure it is fitted correctly according to the instructions provided with the tag.

Open a Breeze tag account

Open your Breeze tag account now 


The Breeze tag account is a pre-paid account, and can be opened with a single opening payment of $40, even if you want more than one tag. The opening payment is credited to your account as a pre-paid balance, ready to pay your tolls.

The stylish Breeze tag works on all tollways in Australia, so with one Breeze tag account you can pay all your tolls no matter where you go.

There are a number of benefits that make using a tag the most cost effective way to pay for trips on tollways.

  • The cost of your trip will be lowest when you use your tag.
  • When you use your tag, you won't be charged the image processing fee that normally applies to trips without a tag on EastLink and CityLink.
  • With a tag, there is no need to buy EastLink trip passes or CityLink passes.
  • Breeze does not charge roaming service fees. When using a Breeze tag to travel on any tollway in Australia, we will charge you only the tolls and charges we receive from the other tollway.
  • There are no minimum annual usage amounts* for car tags linked to a Breeze pre-paid tag account. If you drive a car, you can use your tag as often or as little as you like, and there's no annual minimum charge if you travel infrequently.


* The minimum annual usage amount for each commercial vehicle tag is $20 of EastLink tolls in each of the first three years after the tag is issued.

Motorcycles don’t need tags

Although motorcycles are tolled for travel on EastLink, for safety reasons they are not required to use a tag. A motorcycle can be linked to any Breeze account using its licence plate details. If you have a car as well as a motorcycle, you can have a Breeze tag account with a tag for your car and your motorcycle details linked to the same account. If you only have a motorcycle, we recommend the Breeze non-tag account.

The image processing fee, which normally applies to each trip made on EastLink by a vehicle linked to an account but without a valid tag, is waived for motorcycles.

Further information

fees, charges and amounts apply

Breeze Account Guide (1.1 Mb)

Breeze Tag Installation Instructions (73.4 Kb)

Breeze Pre-Paid Account Customer Service Agreement (253.2 Kb)

Breeze Account Direct Debit Service Agreement (59.9 Kb)

Compatible Toll Roads

The Compatible Toll Roads for Breeze pre-paid tag accounts are:

  • In Victoria
    • EastLink
    • CityLink
  • In New South Wales
    • Cross City Tunnel
    • Lane Cove Tunnel
    • M1 Eastern Distributor
    • M2 Hills Motorway
    • M5
    • Sydney Harbour Bridge
    • Sydney Harbour Tunnel
    • Westlink M7
  • In Queensland
    • Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges (formerly Gateway Bridge)
    • Gateway Motorway
    • Logan Motorway
    • Clem7 Tunnel
    • Go Between Bridge
    • AirportlinkM7