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Following a technology upgrade, Victorian toll road operators have identified that a small percentage of customers are using the wrong class of tag in their vehicle and, as a result, may not be paying the required toll. Some of these vehicles belong to EastLink accountholders.

Where EastLink accountholders have been identified travelling with the wrong class of tag in their vehicle &/or the wrong class assigned to a vehicle within their EastLink account, EastLink is in the process of contacting the affected customers.

This page includes further information to help these customers.

What if I have not been paying the correct amount?

You need to ensure that you obtain and install the correct class of tag for your vehicle. You can do this by logging in to your account, by visiting the EastLink Customer Centre in Ringwood or by phoning our local call centre on (03) 9955 1400 during business hours.

How do I know if I have the correct tag?

You must ensure that the class of the tag installed in your vehicle is exactly the same as the class of your vehicle. The tag class is printed next to the barcode on the side of each tag issued by EastLink. See the image (right).

You must also fit your tag in your vehicle according to the instructions provided with the tag:

Tag Installation Instructions (180 Kb)

What are the EastLink classes?

EastLink classes are as follows:

  • CAR - Cars are motor vehicles other than those that comply with the motorcycle, light commercial vehicle, heavy commercial vehicle or taxi classifications (below). Cars include those Cars towing trailers and caravans. 
  • LCV - Light Commercial Vehicles have two axles, cab-chassis construction, and a gross vehicle mass greater than 1.5 tonnes but not exceeding 4.5 tonnes.
  • HCV - Heavy Commercial Vehicles include all of the following vehicles:
    • Vehicles with three or more axles, cab-chassis construction, and a gross vehicle mass greater than 1.5 tonnes;
    • Articulated Vehicles with cab-chassis construction, and a gross vehicle mass greater than 1.5 tonnes;
    • Buses with more than 12 seating positions (including the driver);
    • Vehicles with two axles, cab-chassis construction, and a gross vehicle mass greater than 4.5 tonnes; and
    • All other vehicles with a gross vehicle mass greater than 30 tonnes.
  • Motorcycles (no tag required) are two wheeled motor vehicles (including those with side cars).
  • Taxis are motor vehicles licensed for operation as a taxi-cab under the Transport Act 1983 (Vic).

What is the difference in tolls?

The average journey on EastLink for a Car costs $3.23, while the average journey for a Light Commercial Vehicle is $5.57. The average journey for a Motorcycle is $1.60, and the average journey for a Heavy Commercial Vehicle is $7.90. details of EastLink tolls

How does this affect travel on CityLink and other toll roads?

In Victoria, EastLink and CityLink have the same vehicle classifications, which are set by State legislation. So, the same classification will apply to travel on CityLink and EastLink. If travelling interstate with a tag, customers will be charged according to that State’s classification system.

How is a vehicle’s classification determined?

In Victoria, vehicle classifications are determined by State legislation. It comes down to the way a vehicle is built, i.e. the number of axles, chassis configuration and the vehicle’s gross vehicle mass. Vehicle classes are verified against industry data supplied by vehicle manufacturers.

What if I don’t use my vehicle for commercial purposes?

In Victoria, the Light Commercial Vehicle classification is based on the way the vehicle is built, not for what it is used. A vehicle fits the criteria of a Light Commercial Vehicle because it has a separate cab and separate chassis and a gross vehicle mass of between 1.5 and 4.5 tonnes.