Tag Sounds

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When you pass under a tolling gantry your Breeze tag should make a noise to let you know that your trip has been registered. If your tag doesn't make a noise, you should contact us immediately.

The meaning of each sound is explained below, including a description of what you need to do if you hear the sound.

Single beep

This means that your trip has been registered. You have sufficient credit in your account.

  • You don't need to do anything.

One beep followed by two quick beeps

For pre-paid accounts only, this means that your trip has been registered and your account balance is low.

  • You need to top up your pre-paid account.

Four beeps

This means that your account has been suspended.

  • Contact us immediately on to arrange for your account to be reactivated.

No sound

This means that your trip has not been registered.

  • Your tag may not be able to communicate with the tolling gantry if you have a metallised windscreen. Please contact your vehicle's manufacturer to find out where you should position your tag so it will work.
  • If your tag stops working for any other reason, please contact us so we can arrange a replacement tag for you.

Any other sound

This means that your tag or account may not be operating correctly.

  • Contact us immediately so we can fix the problem.