Contractor Instructions

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This page is only for contractors who have a valid contract to conduct works on EastLink.

Transfield Services operates the EastLink Safety Induction and Work Authority Permit programs on behalf of ConnectEast (the owner and operator of EastLink).

We use the 'Permitted' online system to administer the EastLink Safety Induction and Work Authority Permit programs.

EastLink Safety Induction

Every individual who will work on-site must have completed the EastLink Safety Induction and have current accreditation:

Contractor Instructions - Registration and Induction (514.6 Kb)

Register with Permitted for EastLink Safety Induction

Login to Permitted to complete online Safety Induction

Work Authority Permits

All works must have an approved Work Authority Permit prior to commencement:

Contractor Instructions - Applying for a Work Authority Permit (WAP) (817.6 Kb)

Login to Permitted to manage WAPs

For further information contact your EastLink representative.