How to Pay

Your Path:  How to Pay

If you have made a trip on EastLink within the last three days (two days in the case of the Melbourne Pass), it will be charged to your new account or pass, provided you link that vehicle to the account or pass.

I want to use EastLink and CityLink
but I don't need a tag.

Recommended: non-tag account
$40 opening top up
more details  |  open an account

I want to use EastLink and CityLink frequently.
Recommended: tag account
$40 opening top up
more details  |  open an account

I want to use EastLink and CityLink over a short period up to 30 days.
Recommended: Melbourne pass
$5.50 opening fee
more details  |  get a Melbourne Pass

I only want to use EastLink for a few trips and won't need it again.
Recommended: EastLink trip pass
$6.04 per trip pass for a car
more details  |  buy a trip pass

I want to use my rental vehicle on EastLink and CityLink.
Recommended: rental toll program
Hertz, AVIS, Budget, Europcar,
Thrifty or Redspot
more details

I don't have an account and just want to wait for a toll invoice.
Recommended: EastLink toll invoice
This is the most expensive option
more details  |  pay a toll invoice

My business has a fleet of vehicles that use EastLink and CityLink.
Recommended: business account
more details 

I've received an EastLink toll invoice but I wasn't the driver at  the time
Nominate toll invoice to another driver

I've received an EastLink toll invoice and want to charge it to my tolling account
Charge toll invoice to a tolling account