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Definition of one EastLink trip

An EastLink 'trip' is defined as a single trip on EastLink in one direction only.

You can exit and re-enter EastLink in the same trip, provided you keep going in the same direction, don't repeat any section, and complete your trip within 60 minutes. A return trip equals two EastLink trips.

Tolls for travel with a trip pass

Motorists who don’t have a tag or non-tag account will need to buy a trip pass, which provides access to EastLink for a single trip in one direction. Each trip pass costs $6.04 for a car, $3.03 for a motorcycle, $9.67 for a light commercial vehicle and $16.01 for a heavy commercial vehicle.

There is an additional trip pass purchase fee ($2.87) when buying one or more trip passes at an over the counter location instead of by phone or online.

Tolls for travel with tags and accounts

The price of your trip on EastLink will depend on the class of your vehicle and the class of the tag installed in your vehicle, as well as the EastLink toll zones you travel on.

When using a tag or non-tag account, the toll cap applies to each trip on EastLink.

You must ensure that the class of the tag installed in your vehicle is exactly the same as the class of your vehicle. The tag class is printed next to the barcode on the side of each tag issued by EastLink.

For cars with car tags:

  • Most toll points cost 61 cents or less  
  • The car toll cap is just $6.04
  • There's a 20% weekend discount
  • Short trips are as cheap as 33 cents  


EastLink Tolls (valid 1 Jul 2016 until 30 Jun 2017) (110.4 Kb)

EastLink Tolls (valid 1 Jul 2015 until 30 Jun 2016) (34.5 Kb)

Each trip made without a valid tag will be charged an additional 29 cents image processing fee.

CityLink tolls

CityLink is the other tollway in Melbourne. CityLink is operated by another company. CityLink tolls are published on the CityLink website.

Tolls and GST

As required by law, the advertised toll for each individual section of EastLink includes GST.

However, a single trip you take on EastLink may pass through several sections. The charge for this kind of trip is calculated by adding up the tolls for each section included in your trip. Because of the way GST is applied, there will sometimes be a small rounding difference in the actual charge for this kind of trip. This is explained below.

EastLink's tolling system adds up the tolls for each section of EastLink without GST, and then applies GST to the total. This means that the actual charge for a single trip passing through several sections of EastLink could be one or two cents higher or lower than the total of the advertised tolls for those individual sections of EastLink.