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Tolls for travel with a trip pass

Motorists who don’t have a tag or non-tag account will need to buy a trip pass, which provides access to EastLink for a single trip in one direction. Each trip pass costs $5.84 for a car, $2.92 for a motorcycle, $9.34 for a light commercial vehicle and $15.48 for a heavy commercial vehicle. There is an additional trip pass purchase fee ($2.77) when buying one or more trip passes at an over the counter location instead of by phone or online at

Tolls for travel with tags and accounts

The price of your trip on EastLink will depend on the class of your vehicle, and the EastLink toll zones you travel on.

Toll CalculatorFor cars with tags:


An important note about tolls and GST.

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EastLink Tolls (valid 1 Jul 2014 until 30 Jun 2015) (228.0 Kb)

EastLink Tolls (valid 1 Jul 2013 until 30 Jun 2014) (30.8 Kb)

Car tolls range from as low as 31 cents up to a toll cap of $5.84. The toll cap is the maximum toll for a single trip in one direction.

Motorcycle tolls range from 20 cents up to a toll cap of $2.92. Motorcycles don't need tags and are not charged image processing fees.

Light commercial vehicle tolls range from 63 cents up to a toll cap of $9.34.

Heavy commercial vehicle tolls range from $1.03 up to a toll cap of $15.48.

Taxi tolls are $2.68 for a trip on the toll zone between Springvale Road and Ringwood Bypass (i.e. through one of the EastLink tunnels), and $2.53 for a trip on any part of EastLink south of Maroondah Hwy.

Each trip made without a tag will be charged an additional 28 cents image processing fee.

CityLink tolls

CityLink is the other tollway in Melbourne. CityLink is operated by another company. CityLink tolls are published on their website.