EastLink Trail in Vermont - Dandenong Creek bridge closed

City of Whitehorse has advised us that they are repairing and have closed the pedestrian bridge adjacent to Abbey Walk, Vermont.

EastLink Trail users normally use this bridge to cross Dandenong Creek.

The bridge will remain closed throughout these works (approximately 8 weeks).

Therefore, EastLink Trail users need to use an alternative route to cross Dandenong Creek (via Wantirna Rd and Canterbury Rd).

Please be aware that the alternative route is approximately 1.5km additional distance.

City of Whitehorse has provided the following notice:

EastLink Trail Closure City of Whitehorse Oct 2019 800w

Download a PDF of the City of Whitehorse notice:

pdfEastLink Trail Closure by City of Whitehorse Oct 2019.pdf

Thank you for your understanding

On behalf of City of Whitehorse, we apologise for any inconvenience during scheduled maintenance affecting the EastLink Trail.

Please continue to observe EastLink Trail signs at all times to ensure your safety and the safety of maintenance personnel.

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