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Transportation of 24 railway viaduct beams on EastLink

The first transportation on EastLink occured in the middle of last night (Saturday night).

The first of 24 u-shaped railway viaduct beams each weighing 280 tonnes was transported by road from a factory in Kilmore (north of Melbourne) to a level crossing removal site in Frankston.

VicRoads and the Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) have transported the first viaduct beam. It departed on Friday evening (Friday 20 April) and travelled to Frankston over two nights: Friday night and Saturday night.

The first viaduct beam traveled on EastLink southbound in the middle of Saturday night, when traffic volumes are lowest. It entered at approximately 1:30AM and exited at approximately 2:35AM.

The first transportation involved parking the transporter on the side of the Eastern Fwy in Bulleen, east of the Thompsons Road entry, until the following night, when it continued its journey.

This trial was in place for the first transportation only and will allow the project team to assess and refine the planned route for future movements if necessary.

The Eastern Fwy stopover was identified by VicRoads and LXRA as a safe location to temporarily park the transporter, while also minimising disruption to passing traffic and the community in the north east of Melbourne.

While the transporter was temporarily stored at the Eastern Fwy roadside, speed restrictions were in place to ensure the safety of drivers.

For the first transportation on EastLink, the transporter:

  • entered EastLink southbound from Boronia Rd at approx 1:30AM Saturday night
  • travelled on EastLink southbound at between 20km/h and 40km/h
  • duration on EastLink southbound approximately 65 minutes
  • exited EastLink southbound on to the Peninsula Link freeway at approx 2:35AM Saturday night.

The remaining transportations will recommence as soon as possible.

About the transporter

The 72 metre-long transporter will comprise two connected trailers to support the viaduct beam, with one prime mover pulling and one prime mover pushing. In total, the transporter will have approximately 30 axles to spread the load.

LXRA OD load cropped image

The transporter will be accompanied by VicRoads safety vehicles as well as a number of pilot vehicles.

We expect one lane will be available for overtaking the transporter - but not all the time

While the transporter is on EastLink southbound, we expect that usually one southbound lane will remain clear for other vehicles to overtake. Please overtake with care.

South of Thompson Rd, where EastLink has only two traffic lanes, there may not be an overtaking opportunity.

When passing over a bridge, the transporter will need to use the centre lane, which means that maintaining an overtaking lane may not be possible at those locations.

Travel delays minimised

For this weekend's operation, at this middle-of-the-night time, traffic volumes are lowest, and we expect only minor travel delays on EastLink southbound.

The transporter is planned to have exited from EastLink several hours before the start of morning peak.

The overall route from Kilmore to Frankston

The overall route (interactive map) has been carefully selected by LXRA working with VicRoads and transport experts to ensure public safety, minimise disruption and to accommodate the size and weight of the load.

LXRA will have a crew on site for all operations, making sure all roads stay safe during and after the move. To do this, parts of the overall route will be closed for short periods at certain times.

Delays are expected, so please plan to avoid each area.

Up to date information is available on the LXRA website:

Real time traffic information

Before starting your journey, you can check the VicRoads VicTraffic website, which is a live traffic map displaying real time traffic conditions on Melbourne's road network, including EastLink.

EastLink northbound will be unaffected by these operations

After delivering a viaduct to Frankston, the transporter will be split up into smaller units for the northbound trip back to Kilmore, prior to collecting the next viaduct.

More information and contact details

For the latest information about the Level Crossing Removal project or for the project's contact details, please visit the LXRA website

For VicRoads contact details, please visit the VicRoads website

EastLink toll cap and the maximum time limit for an EastLink trip

As a precaution in case there is a significant travel delay (which is highly unlikely at the middle-of-the-night time for the first transportation), during each of these operations we will increase the maximum time limit that applies to a trip on EastLink.

The maximum time limit is used to ensure the toll cap operates properly. The time limit is normally 60 minutes for a single trip on EastLink in one direction.

Increasing the maximum time limit will mean that if there is a significant delay in your travel time due to one of these operations, and your trip on EastLink exceeds 60 minutes, we will still consider your journey as a single trip on EastLink.

Therefore the toll cap will continue to be calculated and applied as it was intended.

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