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EastLink CCTV: pedestrians still dicing with death


Eleven years after EastLink opened, pedestrians are still being detected on EastLink.

If a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle at 100km/h there is no chance of survival.

Even at half that speed there is only a 10% chance of survival.

So far this year, out of 197 lives lost on Victorian roads, 38 (19%) have been pedestrians.

Some of the key safety messages:

  • Pedestrians, cyclists and scooters are not allowed on EastLink.
  • Once detected, the EastLink control room will dispatch an incident response vehicle and contact the Police.
  • Remain alert at all times. The unexpected can happen, and when it does, it happens very fast.
  • Don't allow yourself to be distracted.

In an emergency, phone the emergency services on 000.

Now that Help Phones have been removed from EastLink, if you see a hazard on EastLink you can report it by phoning (03) 9955 1550 - that's the number shown on the road signs along EastLink, and it's only for reporting hazards. (Remember, never touch your phone while driving.)

EastLink. Time Better Spent.