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EastLink CCTV: u-turning contra flow car in near miss incident


At 11:44am on Wednesday 25 September, a car was joining EastLink southbound using the on ramp from Princes Hwy.

The car did an immediate u-turn across all 3 lanes of traffic, in front of cars and trucks.

It then travelled contra flow in the right hand over-taking lane - directly towards an on-coming truck.

Luckily, the truck driver was alert and braked, providing sufficient time for the car to pull over into the adjacent emergency lane.

The car then performed a second u-turn across all 3 lanes of traffic, in front of other vehicles again, before proceeding on its way.

This is a timely reminder to all motorists:

  • Always remain alert for the unexpected.
  • Don't allow yourself to be distracted.
  • Always maintain a safe braking distance.

The incident was recorded by the truck's dashcam as well as one of EastLink's CCTV cameras.

In an emergency, phone the emergency services on 000.

If you see a hazard on EastLink you can report it by phoning (03) 9955 1550 - that's the number shown on the road signs along EastLink, and it's only for reporting hazards. (Remember, never touch your phone while driving.)

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