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VIDEO: tunnel safety systems & real car fire


We close the EastLink tunnels four times a year to conduct testing and maintenance of essential safety systems.

Included below is a 7News report about the tunnel maintenance closure overnight Saturday 22 February 2020, as well as EastLink CCTV footage of EastLink's safety systems responding to a real car fire in July 2018.

The EastLink tunnels include the following safety systems that need to be tested and maintained:

  • Fire detection system
  • Fire suppression deluge system - 170 litres/second high pressure water
  • Tunnel ventilation system
  • 1200 tunnel lights - including emergency lighting
  • 85 CCTV cameras with automatic incident detection system
  • 145 digital signs of various types to communicate with motorists
  • Public address system with 126 loudspeakers
  • Radio rebroadcast system to relay messages to car radios
  • 56 help phones for use by motorists
  • 58 fire cabinets for use by fire service personnel
  • Overheight vehicle detectors and automatic boom gates

In an emergency, phone the emergency services on 000.

If you see a hazard on EastLink you can report it by phoning (03) 9955 1550 - that's the number shown on the road signs along EastLink, and it's only for reporting hazards. (Remember, never touch your phone while driving.)

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