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New exit from Monash Fwy outbound to EastLink now open

In addition, the outbound ramp from Jacksons Rd only connects to EastLink.

As part of the Monash Fwy upgrade by Major Road Projects Victoria, there have been changes to the way road users join EastLink and the Monash Fwy from Mulgrave.

These changes make it safer and easier to join the Monash Fwy and EastLink by improving outbound connections at Jacksons Rd and Police Rd in Mulgrave.

The new ramp and bridge to EastLink are now open with three key changes:

  • To join EastLink from Monash Fwy outbound, motorists need to veer left approximately 400 metres earlier before the Jacksons Rd exit ramp.
  • The existing outbound ramp from Jacksons Rd now permanently connects only to EastLink.
  • To access Monash Fwy outbound from Mulgrave motorists need to temporarily detour via Wellington Rd or Stud Rd (until the reinstated Police Rd outbound entry ramp to the Monash Fwy opens in mid-2022).

Please see the map below for further information, or view an animation in this video.

3362 MFU S2 Collector Distributor Map 800px WEB 1

For more information about the Monash Fwy upgrade visit Major Road Projects Victoria's website.

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