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EastLink Tunnels

Two EastLink tunnels

The Mullum Mullum and Melba tunnels enable vehicles to pass under the Mullum Mullum valley, without affecting the wildlife and sensitive landscape above. The 1.6km long tunnels are designed for vehicles up to 4.65m in height, and contain sophisticated safety and environmental protection features.

Tunnel safety

We undertake regular exercises to ensure emergency services are familiar with the EastLink tunnels, and to test our safety equipment and procedures.

There are ways you can help us keep you safe when driving in the tunnels. Always obey speed limits, safety instructions, and avoid changing lanes if possible.

If you break down in a tunnel, stay in your vehicle if it is safe to do so and wait for our incident response vehicle. If you are told to evacuate the tunnel by loudspeaker announcements or by emergency service personnel, follow the instructions provided.

EastLink’s tunnels incorporate a range of sophisticated safety systems, including:

  • closed circuit television network

  • automatic incident detection

  • lane closure and variable speed signs

  • over-height vehicle detectors

  • automatic boom gates to prevent over-height vehicles entering the tunnels

  • fire detectors and a deluge system for fire suppression

  • overhead warning message signs and emergency lighting

  • radio re-broadcast and loudspeaker facilities

  • mobile phone coverage and help telephones

Vehicles prohibited from EastLink tunnels

The following vehicles are all prohibited from using the EastLink tunnels:

  • vehicles exceeding 4.65m in height will be automatically detected and stopped from entering the tunnel by boom gates

  • vehicles required to display a placard must never use a tunnel and will be stopped if detected

  • vehicles considered to be Over Dimensional by VicRoads must use OD1 to by-pass the tunnels

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