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What to do when a person with an EastLink account or debt has passed away

When a person with an EastLink account or debt has passed away, follow these steps to manage their account:

  1. Contact EastLink: Reach out to EastLink’s customer service team on or by calling (03) 9955 1400 during business hours (Monday to Friday excluding public holidays).

  2. Provide Necessary Information: Be prepared to provide the following information to verify your authority to manage the account:

    • Executor’s details

    • Account number

    • Account name

    • Date of birth of the deceased

    • Date of death of the deceased

    • A copy of the death certificate may also be requested

  3. Account Verification: Once the provided information is verified, EastLink will assist you with any outstanding issues such as:

    • Resolving any debt

    • Addressing toll invoices

    • Processing refunds

  4. Return Tags: If the account is to be closed, return any tags linked to the account. EastLink will send you a prepaid envelope for this purpose.

  5. Stop Automatic Payments: Any automatic payments or direct debits will be stopped promptly upon processing your request.

  6. Discuss Outstanding Balances: If there are any outstanding balances or toll invoices, EastLink will discuss the situation with you and may consider waiving the debt where appropriate.

  7. Refund Process: If there are funds remaining in the account, EastLink will organise a refund to a bank account. Have the bank details ready to provide to the team.

  8. Finalise Account Closure: After all required information is provided and any associated tags are returned, EastLink will finalise the closure of the account and process any applicable refunds.

EastLink aims to support you and make this process as smooth as possible during this difficult time.

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