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Tolling & How to Pay

Each time you drive on EastLink a toll is charged.

Along the length of EastLink there are 13 tolling gantries. Each tolling gantry has equipment that will detect your vehicle as it passes by:

  • A vehicle detector will locate your vehicle and measure its dimensions 

  • A tag detector will communicate with your tolling tag, if you have one installed in your vehicle

  • A camera will take a photograph of your vehicle's front licence plate

  • Another camera will take a photograph of your vehicle's rear licence plate

To determine the overall trip your vehicle has made on EastLink, information from these sensors is combined together, and matched with the same information from the other tolling gantries your vehicle has passed.

A combination of your tag, licence plate number and vehicle dimensions may be used to identify your vehicle's tolling class.

The overall trip details and your vehicle's tolling class are used to calculate the toll for your EastLink trip.

The toll for your trip is the sum of the tolls that apply to each of the tolling gantries that were passed during the trip.

The toll for your trip is capped at the toll cap. Once the toll for your trip has reached the toll cap, continuing your trip along EastLink in the same direction and passing additional tolling gantries won't increase the toll further.

The tag data and/or licence plate details are used to identify your tolling account, so that the toll for your trip can be charged to the right place.

If an account is not identified:

  • The licence plate details are used to see if an unused EastLink trip pass is available for your vehicle

  • If an EastLink trip pass is not available, then an EastLink toll invoice is sent by email, SMS or post to the registered owner of the vehicle

To pay EastLink tolls, you will need:

  • an account with EastLink

  • OR an account with another tollway that can be used for travel on EastLink

  • OR EastLink trip passes (each trip pass pays for a single trip in one direction on EastLink only)

  • OR a toll payment arrangement with a vehicle rental company (if applicable - contact your vehicle rental company)

If you don't have any of these at the time of your trip, you have up to three days to open your new account with EastLink or buy your EastLink trip pass. The trip will then be charged to the new account or trip pass.

If your account is suspended at the time of travel, it can't be used to pay the toll for that trip. In this situation, we recommend you buy an EastLink trip pass for each trip on EastLink until your account is reactivated. You should reactivate your account as soon as possible, by making a payment to the account that is sufficient to rectify the account balance.

If a toll remains unpaid more than three days after your trip, we will send a toll invoice by email, SMS or post to the registered owner of the vehicle. A toll invoice includes fees in addition to the toll. The various options to settle the toll invoice are explained clearly on the toll invoice. The toll invoice needs to be settled by the Due Date displayed on the toll invoice.

If the toll invoice is not settled by its Due Date, we will send an overdue notice by email, SMS or post, which is the final opportunity to make payment. The overdue notice needs to be settled by the Due Date displayed on the overdue notice.

If an overdue notice is not settled by its Due Date, an infringement notice may be issued by Victoria Police. The cost of an infringement notice would be $198. You must follow the instructions printed on an infringement notice. Never ignore an infringement notice. For more information about infringement notices visit the Fines Victoria website.

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