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You now have three options when settling a toll invoice online:

  • pay it
  • nominate someone else as the driver or owner at the time of travel
  • transfer it to a tolling account (except EastLink accounts) provided your vehicle was linked to the account at the time of travel &/or is currently linked to the account.

If a request to transfer a toll invoice to a tolling account is rejected by our website then it must be paid directly with us. You may need to contact your tolling account provider to resolve a problem with your account.

You cannot transfer a toll invoice to an EastLink account. We would already have done that if it was possible.

If your vehicle is a Taxi, you cannot transfer a toll invoice to an account - you can only pay it or nominate someone else.

Outstanding debts

We may list a number of outstanding toll invoices for you or your vehicle. If at this time you don't want to settle any of the invoices listed, un-tick the tick that is displayed next to the invoice, and then proceed. Remember: toll invoices should always be settled by the Due Date.

There may be an outstanding debt shown for a toll invoice that has proceeded to a Victoria Police infringement penalty (i.e. a fine). This outstanding debt still needs to be paid, and includes the fees relating to the toll invoice, plus any additional trips on the invoice that were not referred by us to Victoria Police for the infringement penalty.

Hardship Policy

We recognise that people can experience real financial hardship and may need additional assistance and flexibility. More details about our Hardship Policy

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