I want to pay with cash

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You can make an EastLink payment at many Touch retailers including at participating 7-Eleven, United Petroleum and newsagent outlets.

Paying an EastLink toll invoice or pre-paid account with cash

Take your EastLink toll invoice or printed pre-paid account statement to the sales counter at a participating 7-Eleven, United Petroleum or newsagent outlet.

Buying an EastLink trip pass with cash

At a participating 7-Eleven outlet, first use the in-store self-service kiosk to specify your vehicle and pass details, then take the printed voucher to the sales counter for payment.

At a participating United Petroleum or newsagent outlet, EastLink trip passes can be purchased directly over the counter. There is no self-service kiosk for trip passes.

Outlet locations

Launch Map of Touch Retailers

EastLink payments are not accepted at post offices

Please note that EastLink payments have not been accepted at post offices since August 2016.

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