I want to pay with cash

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic (World Health Organisation)

During this time, to ensure the health and safety of customers and staff:

  • We have temporarily closed the EastLink customer centre in Ringwood.
  • We also request that customers avoid paying with cash at participating retail outlets (7-Eleven).

Instead, we recommend you pay using your debit card or credit card right here on the EastLink website.

At the EastLink website there are ZERO surcharges for debit cards and credit cards (includes VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club).

If you choose to visit a participating retail outlet to make an EastLink payment, you must consider whether the journey to the retail outlet is 'essential' in the context of Government coronavirus restrictions and recommendations.

Afterpay Touch no longer accepts EastLink payments at newsagents. More details here.

You may be able to make an EastLink payment at a participating 7-Eleven outlet.

However, during this coronavirus pandemic we are unable to confirm which 7-Eleven outlets may be open or able to accept EastLink payments.

Paying an EastLink toll invoice or pre-paid EastLink account with cash

At a participating 7-Eleven outlet, take your printed EastLink toll invoice or printed pre-paid EastLink account statement to the sales counter.

Buying an EastLink trip pass with cash

At a participating 7-Eleven outlet, first use the in-store self-service kiosk to specify your vehicle and pass details, then take the printed voucher to the sales counter for payment.

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