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Open an Account

Only EastLink's toll accounts have ZERO surcharges for Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club.

Please read before continuing

To open a new account you will need your driver licence number, your vehicle's Licence Plate Number (LPN), and a debit/credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club).

We will ask for the following information, in this order:

  1. Your preferred type of pre-paid account (tag or non-tag). Tag accounts work on all tollways in Australia. Non-tag accounts only work on EastLink and CityLink in Melbourne. An image processing fee is charged in addition to the toll for each non-tag trip.

  2. The settings for your pre-paid account: the Initial Balance that will be charged to open the account, and to control future top up payments the account's Minimum Balance and Top Up Amount.

  3. Your contact details.

  4. Your vehicle details.

  5. Your payment details for the opening payment (debit/credit card) and for future payments (debit/credit card or bank account).

Outstanding debts

When you attempt to link a vehicle to your account, we may list outstanding debts (shown as Pending Debt) relating to any past trips on EastLink that were not paid. To link the vehicle to your account, all outstanding debts must be paid. If you were not the owner of the vehicle when a debt was incurred you should phone us on (03) 9955 1400 during business hours.

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