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Outdoor advertising on EastLink

With an average of around 250,000 vehicles driving on the toll road every day, EastLink offers unique visibility for advertisers focused on achieving cut-through.

The tollway corridor contains relatively few outdoor advertising signs, making EastLink’s thirteen large signs stand out in the uncluttered environment. Each of the signs has been designed to minimise distraction from the advertiser’s creative, and are located in high visibility zones, falling within the driver’s line of sight.

Drivers of the 200,000 cars and 50,000 commercial vehicles that travel on EastLink each day are more likely than average to have a high disposable income. They are also more likely to be aged 30 to 65 years, and slightly more likely to be male than female.

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To find out more about advertising on the main route between Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, including the satellite cities of Ringwood, Dandenong and Frankston, please contact QMS, which is the company that currently manages the EastLink advertising signs on our behalf.

Contact QMS on (03) 9268 7000 or visit

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