About EastLink and payment options

pdfWelcome to EastLink brochure


pdfEastLink Tolls (valid 1 Jul 2022 until 30 Jun 2023)

pdfEastLink Tolls (valid 1 Jul 2021 until 30 Jun 2022)

Tag installation instructions

Newer style tag (issued by EastLink from mid September 2019):

CE newTag

pdfTag Installation Instructions - newer style tag

Older style tag:

CE oldTag

pdfTag Installation Instructions - older style tag


pdfBusiness Account Application Form

pdfFY2023 Notice of EastLink Incident and Claim Form

Customer service agreements

The following Customer Service Agreements were updated on 6 January 2020 to include reference to the EastLink Customer Advocate:

pdfPre-Paid Account Customer Service Agreement

pdfBusiness Account Customer Service Agreement

pdfAccount Direct Debit Request Service Agreement

pdfEastLink Trip Pass Customer Service Agreement


pdfEastLink Hardship Policy

pdfEastLink Privacy Policy 

The Privacy Policy was last updated on 4 March 2021 to include the reference to "dashboard cameras, body worn cameras" on page 3.


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