Dangerous debris and illegal dumping is investigated and reported to the authorities

July 1st, 2024

Debris falling from vehicles

During April - June 2024 there were 206 debris incidents on EastLink.

Debris falling from vehicles puts other motorists at risk.

Our incident response team stops at the incident site to remove the debris. While this is done as safely as possible, every stop and every debris removal on a ‘live’ freeway has a risk to our incident response staff and other motorists.

Always secure your load before you travel.

Illegal dumping

There have been recent incidents of illegal dumping of construction and other waste on EastLink’s landscaping, on grass verges and among bushes and trees.

If you need to dispose of waste, you have a legal obligation to take it to an authorised waste disposal facility.

We investigate and report to the authorities

Dangerous debris and illegal dumping incidents are investigated and reported to the relevant authorities, such as Victoria Police, EPA Victoria, WorkSafe and National Heavy Vehicle Register.

EastLink has hundreds of CCTV cameras monitored from the EastLink control room. The control room operates 24/7, and the recording of all the CCTV cameras is 24/7.

In addition, every vehicle using EastLink is tracked and photographed when passing each EastLink toll point.

This means we can find the licence plate numbers of vehicles involved in dangerous debris and illegal dumping incidents. We report incidents to the relevant authorities for further investigation, which may result in penalties or prosecution. Fines for illegal dumping can be significant.

Case study

In this incident, debris was detected.
The alleged vehicle was located and identified.
The EastLink incident response team managed the safe removal of the debris. Information was provided to the authorities for potential enforcement.