EastLink opened 15 years ago

Thursday 29 June 2023

EastLink opened 15 years ago on 29 June 2008. This is the story of the opening, in pictures...

11 May 2008 -Announcement of the opening date

13 June 2008 - Tango in the Tunnel charity fundraiser

The Tango in the Tunnel charity fundraiser event was held inside the EastLink tunnels.

15 June 2008 - EastLink Road Show community open day

The EastLink Road Show community open day was held two days later.

Kicking off the EastLink Road Show, 5,000 runners took part in a 5km fun run through the EastLink tunnels.

Later in the day at the EastLink Road Show, a massive 45,000 cyclists rode on EastLink.

100,000 people took the opportunity to walk through the EastLink tunnels during the EastLink Road Show.

The EastLink Road Show included other attractions, such as this parade of vintage vehicles.

24 June 2008 - EastLink magazine published with the Herald Sun

This 32-page magazine with loads of information about EastLink was inserted into the Herald Sun.

26 June 2008 - Top Gear Australia episode recorded

Taking advantage of 39km of brand new freeway closed to traffic, an episode of Top Gear Australia was recorded on EastLink on 26 June 2008.

28 June 2008 - EastLink ribbon cutting

The State Premier at the time, John Brumby (on the right) formally cut the EastLink ribbon.

After cutting the ribbon, John Brumby enjoyed a drive through the EastLink tunnels.

Herald Sun 30 June 2008
Herald Sun 30 June 2008