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EastLink completes massive resurfacing project

Thursday 7 March 2024

The major project to resurface EastLink was completed at 2:30am on Thursday 7 March 2024.

After 1 billion trips on EastLink since it opened in 2008, it was time to resurface the EastLink tollway, including all on and off ramps as well as Ringwood Bypass.

EastLink contracted Downer EDI for the whole project, which has been completed on time, on budget, and without government funding.

Resurfacing works were conducted at night over three successive summers, with road closures and diversions to ensure safety.

EastLink thanks motorists and neighbours for their patience and understanding while these essential works and road closures were undertaken.

EastLink also thanks Downer EDI and all project team members for successfully and safely completing this major project, and for achieving a high quality outcome for EastLink’s customers.

Project statistics:

  • Total area of roadway resurfaced: 1.5 million square metres

  • Asphalt removed: 100,000 tonnes (the top 30mm of roadway)

  • Recycling: 100% of removed asphalt recycled for re-use in other road construction projects

  • New asphalt laid: 100,000 tonnes (40mm thickness laid, compressed to 30mm while still hot)

  • Overnight road closures: 172 (100% re-opened on time by 5am)

  • Workers: 90 to 100 people worked together on the project team each night

  • New lane reflectors installed: 22,400

  • New line markings painted: 398 lineal kilometres  

The following TV news report (6/3/2024) is courtesy of 9News. Video and images of EastLink resurfacing works provided by Downer EDI.